New Testament Greek, A Beginning and Intermediate Grammar

by James Allen Hewett, revised and expanded by C. Michael Robbins & Steven R. Johnson

The new revised and expanded version of Hewett's book will be used beginning in July of 2009. Improvements include correction of some errors in the Greek to English exercises. One specific improvement is that the first edition used plural forms of λαός without recognition of the collective nature of the noun. For example, λαοί, which would mean "peoples," was used where apparently "people" was intended. The new edition has corrected this.

Also, the new edition has two new chapters, and other chapters have been rewritten.

At, English to Greek exercises have been a part of the curriculum from the beginning. Now in the new edition of Hewett's grammar, it too includes English to Greek exercises. In some instances these are now incorporated into the curriculum.

No separate answer key is required for the new edition. Instead, the book ships with a CD containing some helpful files including an answer key in PDF format.

If I already have the old text book, can I still use it for courses?

Registered students will need to purchase the new text book. However, if you are working through the courses at on your own as an unregistered student, you will be able to use the old text book till December 31st, 2009. References to exercises and references to pages in the text will be given both for the first edition and the revised edition until the end of the year.

Why do registered students have to purchase the new edition?

Some of the homework exercises that are assigned from the text book have been changed, and in several instances, improved. This is sufficient justification for adopting the new text book. It is also necessary that all registered students use the same text book. This is because correcting homework is a time consuming task and it would be all the more so if students were turning in different homework assignments from different text books.

Is there an answer key for the new edition?

An answer key is provided as a PDF file on a CD that ships with the new edition. If you are buying a used copy of the new edition and want the answer key, be sure to ask the seller if the CD is included.