Other Selected Online Resources Related to the Study of New Testament Greek

While some of these resources are not devoted specifically to New Testament studies, they are all very helpful to the student who wishes to gain a greater understanding of the language and the background of the language that we see in the New Testament.

Greek Text of the NT & LXX

Concordance of the NT & LXX

Extra-Biblical Greek writings




  • Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (currently unavailable)

Textual Criticism

Manuscripts (photographs, facsimiles, transcriptions)

  • Bible Manuscripts Project (at Reltech)
  • Papyri (PINAX)
  • P66 description and photo, Jn. 1:1-13 + κα?...(vs. 14)
  • P75 description and photo, Lk. 24:51 - Jn. 1:15 + ?τι ?κ το? (vs. 16)
  • 4 images of P66 at Wieland Willker's site
    • Jn. 1:1-13 + κα?...(vs. 14)
    • Jn 7:32 [beginning with -το? τα?τα περ? α?το?]-37 + ? πιστε?ω[ν] (vs. 38)
    • Jn. 7:52-8:16 (notice the absence of 7:53-8:11)
    • Jn. 11:31 [beginning with ?τι ?π?γει ε?? τ? μνημε?ον]-36 + τιν?? δ? ?ξ α?τ?ν ε?παν, Ο?κ ?δ?νατο ο?το? ? ?νο?ξα? το?? ?φθαλμο?? το? τυφλο? ποι?σαι ?να κ (vs. 37)
  • Vaticanus
  • Washington
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